K-Town Turkey Cruise!

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K-Town Turkey Cruise! Empty K-Town Turkey Cruise!

Post  SilkyJohnson on Sat Nov 05, 2011 10:13 am

Sully and I werehoping to get all of us together to host a poker run event. Let me know if you're all interested or not.

We werethinking of doing it sometime around Thanksgiving and call it a "Turkey Cruise" On the 26th as the primary day and the 27th as the back up rain day.

Meet in the backside of the parking lot in the BX parking lot. Have everyone put in about $10 into a pot, drive to 4 different locations and do some sit seeing at different castles in the surrounding area. Have the last location set at hooters and have everyone get some wings and decide the winner. At each location everyone draws a card and whomever has the best poker hand by the end wins the pot. I think it would be good to have all of us together before the winter hits. Just let me know whatever thinks and if you have any other ideas.

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