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The basics of car modification I Empty The basics of car modification I

Post  potti on Thu Nov 24, 2011 7:00 am

Chapter I: Street car transformation

"Modified Story" tradition, will tell you the correct concept of car modification and theories, take you into the colorful world of car modification. Let's start now!

Street car racing in the modified and adapted the concept and very different way, car modification, there are strict regulations governing the game, that some parts of the car, maybe even a screw can not be changed, but in some places major changes in characteristics can change it. In order to improve the car's performance, what can be modified even when the sound noise, fuel consumption and comfort so completely ignored, further, then the team will most engine and trip computer and other important parts of the original safety factor entirely overdraft (such as rotation higher only for. off the oil), in order to push the performance of the car to the limit, the car's durability? is no need to consider, as long as enough to complete the game before it. In addition, modified racing car can be completely ignored adaptation in different environments, as team personnel before each test or race drivers will be depending on the track and the weather made a special request for the special one-time racing set. All in all, the car only a modified theme - that is to be spared no expense to put cars on the track of the "lap" to improve.

Street cars (that is, in our own daily lives to open the car) modified the above situation does not appear, nor done so extreme, it can not be made solely for the pursuit of speed at all sacrifices. In addition to subject to vehicle safety and other environmental regulations, the durability of the car when modified, practical, all-weather road conditions and the adaptability to cope with different and so should be fully considered indispensable. On the other hand, modified street cars do not race to regulate the fans according to their preferences for free play. Vehicles into the street now divided into two general directions: First, personalized modifications, their pursuit of beauty or unconventional appearance modifications, which can enjoy the play with the personal preferences; the other is focusing on the performance of performance, for improved performance modification, to pay attention to the place very much. "Modified Story" in this column is mainly for performance analysis of various situations modified deconstruction.

"Harmony" and "balance" the concept of modified

For their own cars for modification, you have to think clearly, "Why should modify" and "in the end what changed?" It is best to thoroughly understand all aspects of the original car's performance, finding inadequate to measure the conversion to bring the advantages and disadvantages and then start conversion, not just hearsay, I heard certain parts bought put something good on. Must first understand the characteristics of these modified conditions, and clearly aware of the benefits of conversion and converted to other parts of the impact, careful consideration before deciding whether to change and how to change. This is the right mentality and way of modification. Car modification is emphasis on "harmony" and "balance", to greatly improved performance, it would be a very huge project. Simple example, if you want the car's horsepower increased by 50%, in addition to engine modifications, there is nothing to follow up on it? Suspension? Brakes? Tires? The answer is all right. But also the most obvious addition to these basic components, there are other subtle objects also need modification, such as cooling systems, transmission and even the fuel supply system and so needs to be strengthened to cope with the increased horsepower output. The cooling system, when the engine power increases, the heat issue will be higher, if the cooling effect is not properly managed, then a big horsepower engine is futile. Zhuhai International Circuit in the field can often be seen to participate in "Track Day" (Track Day) some of the 500, 1000 to change the street car run fresh, but often run less than 3,4 lap repair station to return to "break "so that high water temperature and oil temperature back to normal only after out again, pitted on lap 3 and 4 after the oil temperature and water again," fever ", which is the overall lack of" harmony "and" balance "example . Sometimes, even greatly improved performance is not required, but for a small amount of improvement, not a single replacement parts will be able to achieve the objective. And then to improve the engine's cooling effect, for example, if only to buy a high-pressure radiator cap but follow the original tank, when the water temperature so that when too much pressure, tank protection cover would not achieve the relief effect, water tanks on will therefore burst. Another example is replacing a nominal 800 ℃ brake pads, brake force on that for a long time, no problem, but in fact most of the brake fluid boiling point is only about 200 ℃, if the brake pads really work to 800 ℃, when the brake pedal is depressed only brake fluid vapor is compressed, but the car but also how to brake. Solve the above problem can consider switching to a high thermal performance of large antimony system, known for water tanks, water tanks and then try to increase the availability of frontal area; and braking systems can use large-scale installation of the brake disc or guide duct. " hair ", lower the temperature, while brake fluid should be used particularly special type of high boiling point of the race to control the situation, these are the problem," harmony "and" balance "to the solution.

Must remind the reader that, to pay attention to some of the basic design of the car is not suitable for performance enhancing modification, the situation is like a natural person, no matter how little packaging is unlikely to be a successful fashion model, like children. A car has many parts and a variety of complex systems, deficiencies, if they want all the parts on the car are changed to "harmony" and "balance" the effect is bound to spend a lot of money and mind, but often only achieve much success, should immediately buy a sports car more cost-effective, peace of mind.

Finally, to introduce a simple, direct and to the economy but also the overall performance street car, "harmony" and "balance" to enhance the way, that is, the car's weight reduced. Experience with the game as long as people know, weight is the greatest enemy of the car, reducing the weight that is equal to the performance. Recently there is a track in Zhuhai has 800 horsepower super-modified Turbo (turbo) car create a 1'39 "record, but only one track to another 170 horsepower, Formula Renault, but can be 1'37 "to complete the circle, the two vehicles were the biggest difference is that up to 800 kg weight. Thus as long as the car's weight reduced, for example, in the car and must only choose the most simple configuration, do not put excess debris in the luggage compartment, large and heavy to avoid installation of audio-visual equipment, and even the owners themselves. " thin "and so on, can indirectly improve car performance. Do not belittle these may be up to 100 kg of weight, it can always spend a hundred thousand dollars of your conversion fee in return for hundreds of horsepower digestion invisible too! Very Happy

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