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Post  *bavaria* on Sun Jul 18, 2010 5:38 am

I bought this car in the summer of 2009 from a retired Sergeants Major. I was actually looking at a 2008 Bullitt Mustang when I stumbled upon an add for it at the APO. I have been building and racing Mustangs since I was 18. The toughest competition I always came across behind the wheel of my Mustangs were LS1 powered cars. So I figured, why not! So here I am, rocking the vette and giving these European exotics hell! When I bought the car it was bone stock with roughly 60k on it and well taken care of. The stock power was adequate and the handling was like nothing I have ever owned before but of course that wasn't enough and soon I had devised a plan for more power. After a lot of homework I decided to go the N/A route. The beauty of the LS1 is that it has the cubic inch to where good power can be made without the use of a power adder. I carefully chose my combo and when I came back from Iraq in November 09 I got to work. I completley tore down the engine and rebuilt it (with the exception of the rotating assembly which is still stock). After the build my factory clutch didn't agree with the increased HP I was making and recently I replaced it with a Monster Stage III. Before the clutch and a halfway done tune the car made 407 RWHP on the dyno. Recently, the car managed 457 RWHP all motor. A blower might be in my future as there are stock bottom end blown LS1 vettes putting down over 600 HP to the tire, but for now my focus is beefing up the suspension. The only thing I have done suspension wise is lowering, which improved handling slightly but it's no where close to where it needs to be. Everyone has goals when they start a project. One of my goals when starting this build was to spank some euro exotics with an all motor build. I have had the opportunity to run several with some great results! Another goal is to record a 200 mph run in the car. It has been proven that a 500+ flywheel HP vette will go 200+ mph. I just need to find a safe spot to attempt! Lastly, I would like to get into the autocross scene. I have been drag racing all my life behind the wheels of Mustangs. Being in Germany is great because there are so many great tracks here. I had the opportunity to lap Nurburgring a few months ago and it was amazing. Looking forward to doing some more circle track racing and meeting up with some of you all!
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