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Post  csullyracing on Mon Sep 06, 2010 8:06 am

Calling all Club members! Bitburg drag racing is coming up quick! Lots of you have been chatting allot about it. Well, the meeting place to head out to the races is going to be at the large parking lot a mile outside the main gate of Ramstein AFB. We all meet up there packed and ready to go. We can all cruise to Bitburg in a club convoy! Time is 1800hrs on Friday 17 2010. Departure time is 1815hrs sharp!

Items you will need are:
35Euro for entry fee (driving)
15Euro for entry fee (watching)
Camping gear.

Don’t worry about bringing food, or anything. Once we arrive there and set up camp we will all head out to the Spang to the 24hr Shoppet. On Saturday you will have the option to go to the PX, or Commissary that is 5 min from the track!

So come on out and have some fun, meet people, see what your car can do!


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